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have RipTiger with Download Manager, so that I can que up the videos without affecting my bandwidth. Also if I could PAUSE and RESUME downloads it would be very convenient

When last time I used Rip Tiger (with help of Giveaway of The Day) I faced following problems:

1) If there is error in connection then Download would stop
2) Download would stop due to some error
3) Simultaneous Download would affect the Speed

So I think having Inbuilt Download Manager (like Mozilla Firefox has it) will help to PAUSE and RESUME a particular download. So the shorter video can be completed first or so on.

In case of temporary error in connection pausing and resuming will save the video.

I appreciate your efforts and I would like to thank you for this wonderful software

anup deshpande , 02.11.2010, 07:27

resume the unfinised task when I desire

resume the unfinished tasks when I desire

yakub, 02.11.2010, 08:38
Response from the site administrator
RipTiger, 02.11.2010
We agree that this could be a great option, however it won't work with many web-sites, because some of the video download links expire in about 10 seconds. :)
Idea status: under consideration


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