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be able to download from Hulu and Crunchyroll

I'd like to be able to download videos from Hulu and Crunchyroll since there are no other software that i know of that can do it

Tosh Hida , 02.11.2010, 07:20

This would be perfect if it could download videos from Hulu.com.

Everyone wants to download from Hulu, why is it so hard to find software for this?

David, 02.11.2010, 09:19

the software download videos from larger group of services

I tried to download video from http://tv.umk.pl/
but your video downloader (RipTiger) doesn't work with that site.
If it doesn't work because of some secure connection,
so maybe plugins/addons for browsers (Firefox, Opera)
could be solution for that sort of problem.

Marek Nowicki, 02.11.2010, 08:01

support rtmpe

(hulu.com, mtv, vh1...)

rob, 02.11.2010, 07:57

Add support for rtmpe (hulu, mtv, vh1...)

rob, 02.11.2010, 07:50
Response from the site administrator
RipTiger, 02.11.2010
Our RipTiger Ultimate edition can download from Hulu, as mentioned in the giveaway description.
Idea status: under consideration


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